H-Levant is a moderated network for those interested in the scholarly discussion of the modern history and culture of the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean. Called "the Levant" in English and "al-mashriq" in Arabic, the region today includes Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, the Palestinian territories, Jordan and parts of Turkey. While most of the inhabitants are Arabic-speaking Muslims, there are significant populations of Jews and Christians. And although the peoples of the region are diverse, they possess a shared history stretching back millenia.

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CFP - IJMES Special Issue: The Environment in the Middle East and North Africa

Hello Everyone,

Please see our CFP for a special issue of the International Journal of Middle East Studies below. Apologies for cross-posting.

Thanks, Tess

Tessa Farmer
Assistant Professor
Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures and Global Studies
University of Virginia

ANNC: The Levant and Europe: Shipping and Trade: Networks of People and Knowledge (London, 2-4 November 2016)

Please find below the programme of the 2nd International Conference organised by the Levantine Heritage Foundation, titled:  'The Levant and Europe: Shipping and Trade: Networks of People and Knowledge', to take place in London between 2-4 November 2016

ANNC: Research seminar: 'Deir el-Surian, crossroads of Coptic and Syriac culture' (London, 24 August 2016)

Department of Art History and Archaeology
SOAS-University of London

Research Seminars in the Art and Archaeology of Africa and the Americas
Convenor: Dr Tania Tribe (tt10@soas.ac.uk)

Speakers: Dr Karel Innemée (University of Amsterdam) and Dr Dobrochna Zielińska (University of Warsaw)