H-Levant is a moderated network for those interested in the scholarly discussion of the modern history and culture of the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean. Called "the Levant" in English and "al-mashriq" in Arabic, the region today includes Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, the Palestinian territories, Jordan and parts of Turkey. While most of the inhabitants are Arabic-speaking Muslims, there are significant populations of Jews and Christians. And although the peoples of the region are diverse, they possess a shared history stretching back millenia.

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ANNC: AMECYS - Association of Middle East Children's and Youth Studies

AMECYS_Association of Middle East Children's and Youth Studies

by Matthew Parnell

Dear All, 

We are a group of scholars who are in the early stages of launching a new academic association that focusses on children and youth in the Middle East and North Africa.  If you have an interest in such an association and would like to be added to our listserv, please send your name and email to amecystudies@gmail.com.   

Here is a more detailed explanation of our association:

ANNC: Conference: "Ambivalent Legacies: Memory and Amnesia in Post-Habsburg and Post-Ottoman Cities" (April 2017)

Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached the official program for our upcoming conference, "Ambivalent Legacies: Memory and Amnesia in Post-Habsburg and Post-Ottoman Cities." The conference will take place this week at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity in Goettingen, Germany.

ANNC: The Textile Museum Journal, Volume 44

Established in 1962, The Textile Museum Journal emerged as a leading publication for scholarship on textiles from Asian, African, and indigenous American cultures. For over forty years, its articles on a range of cultural, technical, historical, and aesthetic topics made significant contributions to the field, including pioneering research on pre-Hispanic Peruvian, Islamic, and Southeast Asian textiles.