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Recent Content

Workshop: Inheritance Practices. Family, Property and Wealth transfers in the 20th century

Workshop at the German Historical Institute Washington, DC

“Inheritance Practices. Family, Property and Wealth transfers in the 20th century”

Tentative dates:  9/14/2017 – 9/16/2017

Conveners: Jürgen Dinkel (University of Gießen), Simone Lässig (GHI Washington), Vanessa Ogle (University of Pennsylvannia)

ASLH Panel: Organized Crime and the State in the 20th Century

I'm hoping to organize or join a panel for the ASLH conference in Las Vegas this October. I would be presenting a paper on how local officials and the proprietors of illegal enterprises managed and regulated the underworld of Prohibition-era Los Angeles. I'm open to other ideas, but I think the paper would fit nicely as part of a panel on Organized Crime and the State in the 20th Century.

If you think we might be able to work together, please feel free to contact me at csnyder [at] brandeis.edu


American Society for Legal History Panel: Law and Native North America

I'm organizing a panel for the upcoming ASLH conference (Oct. 26-29, 2017; Las Vegas, Nevada) around the theme of Law in Native North America. This panel will be open to legal histories from all parts of North America, placing in conversation the transnationality of settler colonialism and indigeneity, with the history of law and the nation state. I am looking for both paper presenters, as well as a chair-commentator.