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Recent Content

CFP: Ocean of Law: Intermixed Legal Systems across the Indian Ocean World

REMINDER: Deadline for abstracts:  10 June, 2015

Ocean of Law: Intermixed Legal Systems across the Indian Ocean World, 1550-1950.

Leiden University, 7-9 December, 2015

Keynote speakers:
Prof. Paul Halliday, University of Virginia
Prof. Engseng Ho, Duke University and National University Singapore

Western Legal History CFP

Please review and share this CFP (follow the link for full details) for an upcoming symposium and anthology, "Laying Down the Law: Critical Legal Histories of the North American West," co-sponsored by the Clements Center for Southwest Studies at Southern Methodist University and the University of Lincoln's Department of History and Center for Great Plains Studies

CONF: Reconciliation and Justice (Vienna, 20-22 May 2015)

Conference Announcement

Reconciliation and Justice
5th Intercultural Interdisciplinary Colloquium

polylog: Forum for Intercultural Philosophy
In cooperation with the Institute for Science and Art (IWK – Vienna),
the Viennese Society for Intercultural Philosophy (WiGiP),
the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Vienna,
and the Forum Scientiarum at the University of Tübingen

In Memoriam Peter Gay (1923-2015)

Peter Gay (1923-12 May 2015), a leading historian whose specialties included the European Enlightenment, died on 12 May 2015; he was 91 years old.  Born Peter Joachim Frolich in Berlin in 1923, he and his family left Germany in 1939 to flee anti-Jewish persecution by the Hitler regime, arriving in Havana, Cuba, and then emigrating to the United States in 1941.  He was graduated from the University of Denver in 1946 and earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in history at Columbia University in 1947 and 1951, respectively, publishing his dissertation, a study of Eduard Bernstein, in 1952.