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REPLY: Online primary sources for teaching

I am teaching an Afro-Latin American History course and assign primary sources for each class. My students do not read Spanish nor Portuguese, so I rely on translated sources.

Your site has been very helpful. I created a much shorter list for myself and for my students and your site is on it. I've pointed it out to them as a place to get sources for their research papers as well. Thank you!

QUERY: Aduana Mexico

I am trying to find out if there aduana records (I am specifically interested in the ports of Veracruz and Progreso) from the period 1910-1935.  In the AGN?  Elsewhere? I have been working in the state archives in Yucatán  and periodically records from Aduana will surface but they are typically related to changes in personnel or general regulations. I am hoping to find really granular level records that document the importation of certain types of products.  Any ideas?



Laura Isabel Serna

University of Southern California