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ANN: Call for Submissions: CLAH Syllabus Prize

The Teaching Materials Section of CLAH welcomes submissions for this year's syllabus prize.

This year's theme will be "Revisiting the Survey." The prize is open to syllabi that survey the colonial or modern periods, or both. As well as surveys of a region or country. In particular, submissions are welcomed for courses that through lecture material, organization, and/or readings highlight areas, topics, and peoples generally overlooked in most surveys.


Please submit all syllabi through the following google form link

ANN: 4º Cine Infâncias e Juventudes nas Telas Latino-Americanas

O 4º Cine Infâncias e Juventudes nas Telas Latino-Americanas convida para assistirmos, dia 20/08/2022, às 14h30min, ao filme cubano Numa Escola em Havana (indicado ao Óscar de 2015) e depois conversarmos sobre ele.

O QUE: 4º Cine Infâncias e Juventudes nas Telas Latino-Americanas

FILME: Numa Escola em Havana (Cuba, 2014)

QUANDO: 20/08/2022

HORÁRIO: 14h30min  (Acre)

ONDE: Teatro Hélio Melo, junto ao Memorial dos Autonomistas, Centro, Rio Branco/AC

ANN: H-Net Teaching Conference (August 29-September 2) - Program and Registration

Dear Subscribers,

H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences is holding its first H-Net Teaching Conference: “Uncharted Territories: Teaching History, Humanities, and Social Sciences in Innovative Ways."  This is a global virtual conference, which will be held in the evenings (US time zones) during the week of Monday, August 29th to the afternoon of Friday, September 2nd.