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REPLY: Murray on Shumway, 'A Woman, a Man, a Nation: Mariquita Sánchez, Juan Manuel de Rosas, and the Beginnings of Argentina'

A slight error: The second English (really, British) invasion of Buenos Aires was in 1807, not 1808.

Regardless, had that gone the other way, Argentina might well have evolved into a British colony not much different from Canada, Australia, South Africa (minus the racial question), etc.

ANN: Podcasts of Interest to Oct. 15, Part 1

It has been many weeks since I have been able to post a guide to Podcasts of interest to Latin Americanists.  My duries in the virtual classroom have pretty much consumed my every waking moment.  As a result, there is a lot to report.  I have divided the report into two installments.


Podcast of Interest to Latin American Historians to ---