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QUERY: Mexican folklore

Hola a todos!

I have a student who is interested in starting a project on Mexican folklore. This is somewhat outside my areas of expertise so I was hoping to get a few recommendations on places to start. Anything on myths or legends (both regional and national) would be appreciated. My student reads Spanish and is comfortable with resources in both English and Spanish.

Thanks in advance!

ANN: Exploring the Caribbean in DH: A dLOC as Data workshop series

Much as archipelagos—a journal of Caribbean digital praxis pushes us to recognize, scholars of the Caribbean “are called upon now, with some urgency, to adapt our investigative and pedagogical methods to an academic climate deluged by a superabundance of information and analysis.” This ‘digital turn’ comes with much possibility, of course – just as the pages of archipelagos attest – but it can also be a daunting turn to navigate.