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TOC: ​Journal of Latin American Studies, Volume 47:3 (August 2015)

Journal of Latin American Studies   Volume 47 - Issue 03 - August 2015


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Between Religion and Politics: The Military Clergy during the Late Twentieth-Century Dictatorships in Argentina and Chile STEPHAN RUDERER Journal of Latin American Studies, Volume 47, Issue 03, August 2015, pp 463 - 489

TOC: The Americas, vol. 72: 3 (July, 2015)

The Americas, Vol. 72:3 (July, 2015)


Lyman L. Johnson, CLAH Lecture: “Have We Loved the Book to Death?,” pp 363 - 375


Vanessa Freije, “Exposing Scandals, Guarding Secrets: Manuel Buendía, Columnismo, and the Unraveling of One-Party Rule in Mexico, 1965–1984,” pp 377 – 409.


Asunción Lavrin, “Lay Brothers: The Other Men in the Mendicant Orders of New Spain, “ pp 411 – 438.


Stephanie Mitchell, “Revolutionary Feminism, Revolutionary Politics: Suffrage under Cardenismo,” pp 439 – 468.

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