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ANN: 4º Cine Infâncias e Juventudes nas Telas Latino-Americanas

O 4º Cine Infâncias e Juventudes nas Telas Latino-Americanas convida para assistirmos, dia 20/08/2022, às 14h30min, ao filme cubano Numa Escola em Havana (indicado ao Óscar de 2015) e depois conversarmos sobre ele.

O QUE: 4º Cine Infâncias e Juventudes nas Telas Latino-Americanas

FILME: Numa Escola em Havana (Cuba, 2014)

QUANDO: 20/08/2022

HORÁRIO: 14h30min  (Acre)

ONDE: Teatro Hélio Melo, junto ao Memorial dos Autonomistas, Centro, Rio Branco/AC

ANN: H-Net Teaching Conference (August 29-September 2) - Program and Registration

Dear Subscribers,

H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences is holding its first H-Net Teaching Conference: “Uncharted Territories: Teaching History, Humanities, and Social Sciences in Innovative Ways."  This is a global virtual conference, which will be held in the evenings (US time zones) during the week of Monday, August 29th to the afternoon of Friday, September 2nd.

CFP: Nineteenth Century Studies Association (NCSA) 2023 Conference, “Remaking the Past,” Sacramento CA

Sacramento, host city for NCSA’s 2023 conference, lends itself to exploring issues of revivals and re-creations of the past. Sacramento’s nineteenth-century history encompassed California’s Gold Rush, the genocide and displacement of Indigenous populations, the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad, and the building of a capital city that became a stage for the reinventions–productive and problematic–of the past so central to the nineteenth century.