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Recent Content

Seminar: Women Picturing Revolution: Focus on Africa and the African Diaspora

In recognition of Women's History Month, Columbia University's Institute for Research in African-American Studies (IRAAS) will host Women Picturing Revolution: Focus on Africa and the African Diaspora, a one day seminar on March 11, 2017, that will examine contemporary photography and the conditions under which women in and/or from Africa or the African Diaspora make images. 
Guest artists Nona Faustine and Ayana V. Jackson will be sharing their work in person. This seminar was co-created and will be taught by Zoraida Lopez-Diago and  Lesly Deschler-Canossi.

CFP: Visualising Labour: Workers and work in photography and film

Visualising Labour: Workers and work in photography and film

The Labour and Society Research Group at Newcastle and Northumbria Universities is organising a two-day conference on the photographic and filmic representations of labour on the 5th- 6th May 2017 at Newcastle University. There will be keynote addresses from Professor Jonathan Long (Durham University) and Dr Simon Dell (UEA). We would welcome short abstracts (300 words) for papers relating to any aspect of the conference’s theme. 

A Labor of Love - Lantern Slides of Terence V. Powderly

A treasure trove of almost 2,000 lantern slides belonging to labor leader Terence V. Powderly (1849-1924) resides in the Catholic University  Archive. These transparent glass slides, also referred to as “magic” lantern slides, are an eclectic mix of images taken by amateur photographer Powderly as well as commercially produced images he purchased. As a native of Carbondale, Pennsylvania, Powderly incorporated many images of creeks and mountains of the keystone state – as well as the occasional coal mine – into the collection.