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Hagley Center Grants/Fellowships Announcement

The Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society, Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, Delaware is pleased to announce the recipients of grants and fellowships awarded July 25th, 2019.    Please note that the next deadline for applications for the exploratory and Henry Belin du Pont Fellowship is October 31st.  The H. B.

Re: Catholic Radicalism and the IWW

You probably know these: Father Thomas Hagerty was an IWW founder; Ralph Chaplin converted to Catholicism; Arturo Giovannitti had studied for the clergy; Ammon Hennessy was a Wob and Catholic Worker; Dorothy Day too. Terrence Powderly was Catholic; he owned a house in D.C. that is now the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House. Of course, the Catholic church also played a very destructive role. Eg: In eastern Connecticut, the parish priests went door to door to thwart an IWW campaign in 1912. Good luck! Steve Thornton

Re: Catholic Radicalism and the IWW

Not sure how one would go about explaining the IWW to theology students. A number of prominent IWW figures were what could be called lapsed Roman Catholics (see Joe Ettor, Arturo Giovanetti, and Gurley Flynn among others) or lapsed Eastern Orthodox Catholics. But a favorite Wobbly aphorism read "No God; No Masters). On the other hand one can find in IWW literature all sorts of references to Jesus the radical or revolutionary and to the radical message delivered in the Sermon on the Mount but to Wobblies the "son of God" he was not.

CfP: «Plantations and their Afterlives: Materialities, Durabilities, Struggles» Symposium, 1-3 April 2020, ICS, University of Lisbon

Call for papers

«Plantations and their Afterlives: Materialities, Durabilities, Struggles» Symposium

1-3 April 2020, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon


Convenors: Marta Macedo, Irene Peano, Colette Le Petitcorps

Organizer: The Colour of Labour: The Racialised Lives of Migrants ERC AdG 2015 - 695573, PI Cristiana Bastos

Keynote address: Deborah A. Thomas, Department of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania