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ANN: Working History, the new podcast by the Southern Labor Studies Association

The Southern Labor Studies Association (SLSA) announces the launch of its podcast, Working History.  Hosted by SLSA President Beth English, Working History spotlights the work of leading labor historians, activists, and practitioners focusing on the U.S.

Happy 80th Birthday, Wagner Act!

This week marks the 80th anniversary of FDR's signing of the Wagner Act on July 5, 1935.  Here's my article in the American Prospect about how our employer-based social safety net has put an undue burden on the Wagner Act, and contributed to its weakening.  "It's high time to get citizens' health care, pensions, and even guaranteed basic wages off its back, and to allow the Wagner Act to do its job: giving workers in the U.S. a real voice on the job." 

Happy Birthday, Wagner!  You deserve a break.

"Uprising of '34" interviews to be digitized (repost from H-OralHist)

I wanted to repost this message from H-Oral Hist regarding the new exciting project underway related to labor history.  This documentary is such a useful one and the interviews will be available in the future.