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The goal of H-Kentucky is to create an online collaborative environment to facilitate communication and the exchange or scholarly and pedagogical ideas among teachers, researchers, scholars, advanced students, and related professionals (e.g. local historians, librarians, archivists, genealogists), all in an open, democratic, respectful and non-partisan manner. H-Kentucky especially welcomes those who are interested in Kentucky, as well as those in any history/humanities field who live and/or work in Kentucky. 

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Geneology and Kentucky History

With many thanks to Kentucky Commons, and some additional work, I have this new approach to where it may be workable. This is my first effort at post to H-Kentucky but certainly not expecting it to be the last.

Having a personal and professional interest, I did note that Geneology is one subject of interest to H-Kentucky. This has been a life long interest of mine also, partly due to a tracing of origins to the earliest history of Kentucky .... 203 years or so.

ANN: Painted Stone Settlers present the Long Run Massacre re-enactment, Sept 12-13, Shelbyville

This just in from Kathy Cummings, Painted Stone Seltters, Inc.: Well, the weather forecast for the weekend is excellent and the Painted Stone Settlers will be setting up camp at Red Orchard Park in Shelbyville, KY.