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Kentucky Quilt Trails via Kentucky Arts Council

Kentucky's Cultural Ambassadors to the World

I have a friend in New Zealand who is an elementary school principal and is "looking for a way to keep great principals in the job rather than burning them out." She believes that if schools will allow for principals to have some time (and space) to follow their passions outside of school that this will help retain them. Sheis a fabulous quilter and of course knew about Paducah's Quilt Museum already - so she is gathering resources to visit Kentucky to study how we address principal wellbeing.

Louisville Suffrage Tour 2015

Louisville Suffrage Tour
September 18, 2015; 1 pm
Louisville, Kentucky

  • Sponsors: League of Women Voters of Louisville, American Association for State and Local History, National Collaborative for Women's History Sites
  • Tour Coordinator: Marsha Weinstein
  • Research contributed by: Genie Potter, Dr. Claudia Knott & Rachel Roarx

Teach a Girl to Lead - a project of the Center for American Women and Politics

This just in from Marsha Weinstein, a board member of the National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites and co-chair of National Women’s Heritage Trail, who is working on the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Progject.

I just found this website and thought it could be a place we could post our KY Votes for Women Trail sites.