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Research Query: Catalogue of Abraham Boukabza

Dear colleagues,

I am attempting to locate an important and very rare 19th-century catalogue: a list of the books sold by Abraham Boukabza, a bookseller from mid-19th century Algiers. The title is "רשימת הספרים אלי ינבאעו ענד ר׳ אברהם בוכ׳בזא וחברו — Catalogue de Abraham Boukabza et C.ie," and it was printed in Algiers by Boukabza in 1886. It is 6 pages, comprising some 200 titles. It is described briefly in Attal and Harroch's bibliography of Algerian Jewish printing (1988), where Attal indicates that he had a photocopy of this booklet in his private collection.

Re: Research Query: Tanakh/תנ״ך

Marc Brettler and I had an exchange about this question a few years ago.  Basically the term ANaKH or TaNaKH was invented and diffused by the Masoretes who flourished between the 6th and 10th centuries.  During prior centuries Rabbinic literature did not have a term equivalent  to the later Protestant concept of the Bible or the Christian formulation of the Old Testament.  Now Jews treat

Re: Query: Best Edition and Translation of Nahmanides' Letter to Rabbis of France

Probably the most accessible edition and translation are by Charles B. Chavel - Kitvei Ramban, 2 vols (Jerusalem: Mosad ha-rav Kook, 1963), 1:336-351; Nachmanides, Writings and Discourses, 2 vols (New York: Shilo, 1978), 2:361-417. The translation is fairly accurate.

Milan Žonca

Re: Query: Best Edition and Translation of Nahmanides' Letter to Rabbis of France

The "Letter to the French Rabbis" is translated in vol. 2 of Writings of the Ramban, trans. Charles B. Chavel, published by Judaica Press. An earlier edition of this two-volume set was published by Shilo Publishing House in 1978.

Ed Levin
Center for Textual Studies
Lifshitz College

JDC Archives Launches Updated Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our revamped JDC Archives website. Along with a crisper and cleaner look and improved navigation, the site’s functionality has been modernized, making it more user and mobile friendly. The website also includes a collection database with pdfs of documents, images of photos and artifacts and an index of 500,000 names.

Obituary: Dr. Stephen M. Passamaneck

H-Judaic is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Stephen M. Passamaneck (1933-2018), professor emeritus of Rabbinic Literature at HUC-JIR/Los Angeles and a member of its faculty for half-a century.  A volume in his honor, with an appreciation of his scholarship by Prof. Dvora E. Weisberg appeared in 2007: STUDIES IN MEDIAEVAL HALAKHAH IN HONOR OF STEPHEN M. PASSAMANECK, ed. Alyssa Gray and Bernard Jackson (Jewish Law Association).   HUC-JIR has sent us the following necrology:

Job: Professor in the field of contemporary Jewish life, Frankel Center for Judaic Studies, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

The Frankel Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan invites applications for a tenured appointment at the Associate or Professor rank in the field of contemporary Jewish life. This is a university-year appointment with an expected start date of September 1, 2019. Specialization within the field is open. The successful candidate will be able to contribute to the Frankel Center’s strengths in graduate training, and offer undergraduate courses that contribute to the curriculum of Judaic Studies.