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Passing of Prof. Shalom M. Paul

H-Judaic is greatly saddened to learn of the passing of Shalom M. Paul (1936-2020), Yehezkel Kaufmann Professor Emeritus of Bible Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Born in Philadelphia,  Prof. Paul was one of the early students of Nahum Sarna, then still at Gratz College.  He also studied with William F. Albright, H.L. Ginsberg, and E.M. Speiser.    He made aliyah in 1971.

Help with Scan from ibn Latif

Dear Colleagues:


I would be very grateful if someone who has access to the printed edition of the collected works of Isaac ibn Latif could scan two chapters for me. I need:

Sha'ar ha-Shamayim, Part 1, Chapter 15.

Ginze ha-Melekh, Chapter 24.

Bibliographical data for the 2-volume set are below.  Note that though the title is Sha'ar ha-Shamayim, the volumes contain all his extant works.


Re: Query: Gerson Cohen's view of University as opposed to Seminary Studies

The speech by Gerson Cohen was given at the organizing meeting for the Association for Jewish Studies, held at Brandeis in September 1969. On this occasion, Cohen argued that the Jewish scholar owes allegiance to the discipline--not to the Jewish needs of Jewish students and that the latter belongs not in the university but in the Hillels and the seminaries.
Michael Meyer

Passing of Prof. Jacob M. Landau

H-Judaic is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Jacob M. Landau (1924-2020), winner of the Israel Prize, Emeritus Professor of Political Science at the Hebrew University, and one of the world's foremost scholars of Middle East Studies.  Born in Kishinev, Landau moved to Tel Aviv in 1935.  He wrote his Ph.D. with Bernard Lewis at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, and also studied with H.A. R.

Query: Gerson Cohen's view of University as opposed to Seminary Studies

Back in December of 1967 or early January of 1968 when I was first considering going to graduate school and studying Jewish history,  I had a discussion with the late Gerson Cohen in which he emphasized the distance between academic Jewish history and seminary Jewish studies. He emphasized that the university was not there to solve religious problems; rather it was there to train students so that they would really know and understand their material critically. At the time I was somewhat taken aback by the vehemence with which Professor Cohen, then at Columbia, made his points.