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Re: Query: Looking for sources about the literary representations of the Jewish grandmother

Commenting on Lev. 27:1, the Talmud asks:

Why is a grandmother valued at one third, whereas a grandfather at not even a third?
Hezekiah replied, as the saying goes: An old man in the house is a burden in the house, an old woman in the house is a treasure in the house!

(BT Arachin 19a, also cited by Rashi on Lev. Compare with Alpha Beta d'Ben Sira, p. 41, which simply states that an old man is a treasure in the house)

Leor Jacobi

5th Annual Polish Jewish Studies Workshop, March 5-6, 2018

Co-organizers Natalia Aleksiun (Touro Graduate School), Halina Goldberg (Indiana University), and Nancy Sinkoff (Rutgers University) are pleased to announce the 5th Annual Polish Jewish Studies Workshop, “Centering the Periphery: Polish Jewish Cultural Production Beyond the Capital,” which will be held March 5-6, 2018 at Rutgers University—the State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick.

Table of Contents: East European Jewish Affairs, Volume 47, Issue 2/3

The editorial team is pleased to announce that the latest issue of East European Jewish Affairs is now available. This special issue, titled "Jewish Migration in Modern Times: The Case of Eastern Europe," was guest edited by Semion Goldin (Hebrew University), Mia Spiro (University of Glasgow), and Scott Ury (Tel Aviv University).

Please visit the Taylor & Francis website for more information about the journal: www.tandfonline.com/toc/feej20/current

David Shneer & Anna Shternshis, Co-Editors

Query: Looking for sources about the literary representations of the Jewish grandmother

I am a Phd candiate at York University in Toronto.  I am writing my disseration about Jewish ethical wills and paradigms of memory. I am looking for material that explores the representations of Jewish grandmothers in connection with acts of legacy and culltural transmission.

TOC: Leo Baeck Institute Year Book 2018


Preface by Cathy S. Gelbin, David Rechter, and Daniel Wildmann



PETER PULZER: Arnold Paucker 1921-2016  

ARNOLD PAUCKER: Speaking English with an Accent



SCOTT SPECTOR: Introduction

ARIE DUBNOV: Can Parallels Meet? Hannah Arendt and Isaiah Berlin on the Jewish Post-Emancipatory Quest for Political Freedom