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CFP: Issues and Personalities in Modern Halakha

CFP: Issues and Personalities in Modern Halakha

For the upcoming AJS Conference (December 2018--deadline for submitting, May 3) I would like to see if there is any interest in creating a session on “Issues and Personalities in Modern Halakha.” This session will deal with halakhic works, authorities, and issues from the 19th century until the present.

If you are interested, please contact me by email:


All the best,


Ira Robinson

Concordia University

ToC: New Issue of European Judaism: Rabbi Lionel Blue z'l Memorial Issue

Dear Colleague,

The memoirs and tributes to Lionel Blue z’l in this issue of European Judaism reflect the many dimensions of his life and work, yet a common thread runs through them. All who have written testify to his warmth and generosity of spirit, the support and advice that was always readily available, his openness to people of all kinds and persuasions.

Please visit the Berghahn website for more information about the journal: www.berghahnjournals.com/european-judaism

Re: Query: Nahman of Bratslav's Theology/Conception of Miracles

For the inquiry of Nancy Sinkoff for sources on Nahman's conception of "nes"/miracles –

1. For the teaching of Rabbi Nachman himself on this theme see Likutei MuHaran 1:186 (in the regular editions p. 101a). and see the collection of sources around this topic in: Yaakov Dov Halevi, VeHilkhta KeNakhamni: Yad Torat Bratslav, pp. 106-107 (entry: Mofet).

2. Joseph G. Weiss, Studies in Braslav Hassidism [Heb.], Bialik Institute, Jerusalem 1974, pp. 146-148.

Obituary: Prof. Jonathan M. Hess

H-Judaic is shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden and untimely passing, from an apparent aneurysm, of Jonathan M. Hess (1965-2018),  Chair, Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, Malkin Distinguished Professor of Jewish History and Culture, and adjunct professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  Educated at Yale, Johns Hopkins and the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his Ph.D.

ToC - New Issue of Dibur Literary Journal: "Poetic Currency"

We are excited to announce the publication of "Poetic Currency", the fifth issue of Dibur Literary Journal. The issue explores the complex relations between literature, capital and labor from a variety of perspectives, in a comparative and multilingual context.

You can read the new issue online:

ToC: Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary e-Journal

Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary e-Journal

We are delighted to announce the electronic publication of the new issue of Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary e-Journal. The journal can be accessed at http://www.womeninjudaism.org

Founded in 1997, the journal is the first multidisciplinary-refereed e-journal solely dedicated to gender-related issues in Judaism.

Volume 14, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Viewing Yokheved (Jochebed)