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symposium in Osaka 13-14 Feb., Theme: Legacies of World War II, Part 4

Dear Colleagues:

We will hold an international symposium at Osaka University on 13-14 Feb.
Theme: Legacies of World War II, Part 4

We distribute conference papers only to those who will attend the symposium.

Yone Sugita
Osaka U.

Osaka University International Symposium Program, February 2015

AAS panel on Japanese Business of Interwar

**Apology for cross posting

Dear all,

Shashi Interest Group is pleased to make an announcement of a panel sponsored by the Group at AAS Chicago as follows. Please join us to attend this interesting panel, although the panel is scheduled on Sunday morning, last day of the conference. 
Please go to this AAS online program page http://tinyurl.com/l8a77xh for full panel information.