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Lunch Seminar "Introducing 'Foreign Human Resources for Domestic Work Support' in Japan"

Friday January 23rd, 2015
12:30 - 14:00⎢ room 601⎢in English (no translation)

Lunch Seminar on Japanese Economy and Society

Introducing “Foreign Human Resources for Domestic Work Support” in Japan:
An Inquiry into the Abe Administration’s Strategy to Promote Women’s Participation

Speaker ITŌ Ruri (Hitotsubashi University)
Moderator Jean-Michel BUTEL (MFJ, UMIFRE 19)

Pacific Review: special issue on Japan's identity and international politics

Dear Colleagues,
Apologies for cross-posting, but I'd like to alert you to the publication of a new special issue that I've edited for The Pacific Review (no 1, issue 28, 2015). The special issue is entitled "Identity Politics in Japan’s International Relations" and contains articles by Andrew Oros, Alexander Bukh, Shogo Suzuki, Taku Tamaki, Karl Gustafsson, Ulv Hanssen and myself.