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Recent Content

Meeting: The Society for the History of Japanese Economic Thought (July 12)

The Society for the History of Japanese Economic Thought (SHJET)
    The First Local Meeting in AY2014

Date: July 12, Saturday, 15:00-18:15
(1) NAKAJIMA Eisuke, Lanzhou University, PRC
'Yamaga Soko: His notions of 'shido' (士道) and the samurai of early-modern Japan'
(2) YAMAMOTO Choji, Saga University, Japan
'Ichimura Kiyoshi (1900-68) and his visions of entrepreneurship'
   (The presentations are given in Japanese.)

Venue: Keio University, Mita Campus, Tokyo
     Conference Room A (A Kaigishitsu),

Economic Seminar, Energy Issues & Media, Waseda U. (June 28)

The Seventh Japanese Economic Seminar at Waseda will be held on 28 June 2014, Saturday, 14:30-17:40.  It will be a joint seminar with the Institute of
Twentieth Century Media (a group of political scientists).
Theme: Energy Issues and Media in the 20th Century
(1) Aiko Ikeo, Waseda University
'Martin Bronfenbrenner (1914-1997) in Japan, 1945-1952:
 American University Collections and _The Oriental Economist_'
(2) Mayako Shimamoto, Osaka University, Ph.D.
'Henry A. Wallace-- A Critic of America's Atomic Monopoly, 1945-1948'