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Symposium: Recent Studies on D.T. Suzuki Studies: Views from the Philosophy of Nishida and Zen Modernization

Dear List Members,

Sorry for the short notice but I would like to invite you to the following symposium in Kyoto this Friday.

"Daisetsu kenkyū no shūhen: Nishida tetsugaku to Zen no kindaika no shiten kara 大拙研究の周辺: 西田哲学と禅の近代化の視点から"

February 16, 2018, 1 pm - 5 pm (Doors open at 12:50)
Dai-ichi Kaigishitsu (2nd Floor), Campus Plaza Kyoto http://www.consortium.or.jp/about-cp-kyoto/access

24 February Asia-Pacific Studies Seminar at Osaka U.: Normative power and parliamentarians - the Diet of Japan as a case (Silja Keva)

Dear Colleagues:

We have the honor to have Silja Keva at Osaka University for a month in February 2018. This is a professional
seminar where Silja keva will present her cutting-edge research outcome.
presentation: 20 minutes
discussion:    40 minutes

Her seminar paper will be available for participants only and they are expected to read the seminar paper before the seminar.
I will deliver her seminar paper as soon as I receive it (one week prior to the seminar).

CFP: The History of Automation and the Future of Work in East Asia, 1960s–2010s

Crosspost from H-Asia


Workshop and Special Issue on

Technological Innovations and Social Change:
The History of Automation and the Future of Work in East Asia, 1960s–2010s

An international workshop to be held at the
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

May 12, 2018