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Lecture: "Enriching Children's Lives - Different Approaches to Welfare, Education and Home"

The Japanese studies in English lecture series for the fall/winter semester at Hitotsubashi kicks off next week. Our theme this semester is "contributing to society," and the three talks planned will feature guests working in different fields. This semester our lecture series will focus more on dialogue, and all three of our events this semester will be talk events. The series will also have a focus on careers which contribute to society in various ways, and is especially recommended for students who are thinking about job prospects.

New publication - Journal of Religion in Japan 7.1

Dear Colleagues,

Our apologies for cross-posting.

We are pleased to announce that the Journal of Religion in Japan (JRJ) 7.1 (2018) has been published.

With our best regards,

The Editors

Elisabetta Porcu and James Mark Shields


Journal of Religion in Japan 7.1 (2018)





Heian Jingū: Monument or Shintō Shrine?


Faith, Devotion, and Doctrinal Knowledge: Interpretative Strategies in Shingon Liturgical Exegesis