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Visualizing Food and Culture: Call for Photography, Photo Essays, and Artwork

Gastronomica is seeking strong visual content. Submissions could include photo essays, single photographs, drawings, paintings, multimedia work, cartoons, or any other imagery related to food, broadly defined. We are seeking pieces that are intellectually as well as visually interesting. That is, we are looking for submissions that are beautiful or striking but that also tell stories, pose questions, and challenge viewers.
Submissions should be titled and files should be clearly named.

[I-House] Upcoming Lecture on Japanese Performing Arts in the Spanish-speaking world

On Wednesday, June 5, we are delighted to have Prof. Mauricio Martinez Rodriguez, Visiting Research Scholar at Nichibunken, as a speaker. Prof. Martinez has been establishing a Web Encyclopedia of Japanese Performing Arts in Spanish, which introduces to the Spanish-speaking world Japanese traditional music, dance, theater, intangible heritage, and the Okinawan and Ainu cultures.