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Conference Announcement: The 24th JSPS “Science in Japan” Forum (Washington, D.C.)

The 24th JSPS “Science in Japan” Forum will be held on Friday June 7th, 2019, from 1:00 – 5:30pm at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC.  This forum, themed “New Eyes on the Universe,” will explore how 'New Eyes' such as neutrino and gravitational wave detectors are adding completely new kinds of information to our understanding of the universe. The ability of each detector is surely improving, but more remarkable is that the simultaneous observation by different kinds of detectors is opening new aspects of the universe.

Japanese Library Resources in North America: Faculty Researchers at Small Institutions and Independent Scholars:

NCC would like to announce the formation of a new Outreach Working Group (OWG). The OWG strives to support faculty researchers and independent scholars of Japan, particularly those who are affiliated with small institutions or are otherwise without access to comprehensive Japanese library resources. We work to facilitate connections between these researchers and needed resources with partners in North America and Japan.