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CFP ACLA 2016 Panel on Affect and Neoliberalism in East Asia

We are seeking abstracts for an eight-person seminar on affect, precarity, and neoliberalism in East Asia at the next American Comparative Literature Conference (ACLA) 2016 on March 17-20, hosted by Harvard University.

Affective Engagements, Precarious Lives: Thinking Neoliberalism in East Asia

Organizers: Claire Yu & Michelle Ho, Stony Brook University

CFP: Ecocriticism in Japan: Season 2, ACLA 2016

Keijiro Suga (Meiji U), Yuki Masami (Kanazawa U), and I will organize a seminar “Ecocriticism in Japan: Season 2” at the 2016 ACLA annual conference held at Harvard on 03/17-03/20. Please find an online portal that appears here (http://www.acla.org/seminar/ecocriticism-japan-season-2) on 09/01-09/23 and upload your 250-word proposal.

Publication Announcement: The Journal of Northeast Asian History (Volume 12, Issue 1)

Please kindly excuse cross postings.


We are pleased to announce that the latest issue of The Journal of Northeast Asian History has just been published. Please visit the Northeast Asian History Foundation's English language website (uploaded under ‘Publication’ in the ‘Resources’ category at PUBLICATION) to view the articles and book reviews. The latest issue’s table of contents is as follows.



Marina K. Kovalchuk

EVENT: Perspectives on 70 Years of the Nuclear Age: From Berkeley, A Birthplace of the Atomic Bomb

Dates: Wednesday, September 30 10:30am-6:15pm to Thursday, October 1 10:00am-6:00pm

Venue: Berkeley City Club (The Drawing Room), 2315 Durant Ave., Berkeley CA 94704

Contact: Center for Japanese Studies. Tel: 510-642-3415, email: cjs-events@berkeley.edu

Website: http://berkeleynuclearsymposium.weebly.com, FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/874497792598918/