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Workshop on Confucianism in Modern Japan (at Tohoku University)

Dear list members,

The Tohoku University Global Japanese Studies Initiative would like to invite you to a workshop on the modernization of Confucian thought in Japan.


Takayama Daiki 高山大毅 (Komazawa University)

Mizuno Hirota 水野博太 (University of Tokyo)

Zhu Lin 朱琳 (Tohoku University)

Okawa Makoto 大川真 (Chuo University)

Orion Klautau (Tohoku University)

AAS 2018: Seeking presenters for panel on Autobiography, Biography and Life Narratives - Asia & Asian American

Seeking one or two presenters for an inter-disciplinary panel at AAS March 22-25, 2018, Washington DC, which will focus on the telling of Life Stories: including but not limited to various forms such as biography, autobiography/memoir, auto-ethnography, life history, oral history, etc. Am open to geographic area: would like to draw from multiple areas, as well as possibly scholars working on Asian American topics. Am open to different forms - e.g. films or digital media. Am also open to presenters who wish to discuss pedagogy using life narratives. Please contact Dr.

NEW ISSUE, U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal

We are pleased to announce publication of a special commemorative issue of the U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal (no. 51), featuring essays by past editors, reprints of classic articles, original scholarship, and translations of contemporary Japanese poetry and a short story by Akutagawa Prize winning author Shibasaki Tomoka. See below for Table of Contents.