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CFP: Venetian Popes of the 15th c.: RSA 2015 CFP

Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference, Berlin: 

 Venetian Popes of the 15th century: Gregory XII, Eugene IV and Paul II: 

In 1406, during one of the Catholic Church’s most tumultuous periods, the Roman Curia unanimously elected Angelo Correr to the papacy (Gregory/Gregorio XII r. 1406-15). Thus, Correr became the first Venetian to wear the papal tiara. Within a few decades, and once the papacy was reunified after the Great Schism, two more sons of Venice were elected to the office: Correr’s nephew, Gabriele Condulmer (Eugene/Eugenius IV, r. 1431-47), followed soon after by Condulmer’s own nephew, Pietro Barbo (Paul/Paulus II, r. 1464-71).

American Academy in Rome announces Rome Prize Winners, 2014-2015


Founded in 1894, originally as the first graduate school of architecture for the United States, the American Academy in Rome emerged in its present form – a hybrid center for the arts and humanities – by 1912. With an 11-acre campus on the highest point within the walls of Rome, the American Academy remains the premier American overseas center for independent study and advanced research, a not-for-profit, private entity, and the only one of the 30 foreign academies in Rome not supported primarily or entirely by its government.  


Housing available (Florence, 1 Aug-31 Dec 2014)

Fully furnished apartment in the centre of Florence in front of the Kunsthistorisches Institut; 10 minutes from the state archive and the Biblioteca Nazionale. Lots of light, silent, located in the middle of a garden. Bicycle. Parking space for a car.

Period available: 1 August - 31 December 2014 (or shorter periods within those dates).

I will also consider an exchange with an apartment in New York Upper West Side Columbia (September 1rst - end of December 2014).

Please contact me off list (Ilaria.porciani@unibo.it)


Ilaria Porciani


ANN-La rivoluzione etica (Roma, 15 aprile 2014)

La rivoluzione etica

Martedì 15 aprile 2014, alle ore 17.30 presso la Biblioteca di storia moderna e contemporanea - Palazzo Mattei di Giove (Via Michelangelo Caetani 32 – 00186 Roma), verrà presentata l’opera La rivoluzione etica. Da Giustizia e Libertà al Partito d’ Azione di Vittorio Cimiotta, Mursia, 2013. Intervengono: Mario Avagliano, Paolo Bagnoli, Claudio Fracassi. Coordina: Lauro Rossi.

«L'esperienza del Partito d'Azione è stata una luminosa meteora nella storia del nostro Paese. Eppure, la sua cultura, nonostante la breve vita, è quanto mai viva perché è una Scuola di Democrazia.»