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Re: Review on Italian-American Discrimmination, NY and..........

although accurate, the article by looking almost exclusive as the real and imagined 'plight' of come i-a faculty at cuny and a cadre of i-a politicians, ignored or hadn't been provided with the real impetus for chancellor kibbee's 1975/6 response which revolved around i-a students at cuny, who, the article notes ,benefited greatly by 'open enrollment' and 'free tuition' before the fiscal crisis.

Review on Italian-American Discrimmination, NY and..........

Published by U. of Virginia History, as one of articles in its most recent volume/Journal, this Essay looks at Italian-American discrimmination, mainly in New York, with reference to City University of New Yark in particular. Some of the cited material comes from publication by members of IA list. Fowarded here, as cross post for list members, its substance and detail is considerable and takes some time. No attempt by this posting to comment upon its various subjects, which list members may wish to consider further, which might then elicit commentary.