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Recent Content

Symposium - Iconoclasm: Beeldenstorm and Beyond (Amsterdam, 9-10 Dec.)

From: Christiane Gruber <cjgruber@umich.edu>

Date: October 24, 2016



This year marks the 450th anniversary of the Beeldenstorm, the wave of iconoclasm that swept over the Low Countries in 1566. This defining moment in Netherlandish history will be commemorated with a two-day symposium ICONOCLASM: BEELDENSTORM AND BEYOND, which will consider the Beeldenstorm in relation to iconoclasm as a global phenomenon. 

Symposium - Syria's Art and Architecture: A Multicultural History (Toronto, 29-30 Oct)

From: Ruba Kana’an <ruba.kanaan@akdn.org>
Date: October 22, 2016
Syria’s Art and Architecture: A Multicultural History
The Aga Khan Museum, Toronto
October 29–30th 2016
Ruba Kana’an, The Aga Khan Museum, Canada
Professor Nasser Rabbat, MIT, United States

CFP - The Textile Museum Journal

The Textile Museum Journal is Back!

After a hiatus of more than 10 years, The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum is pleased to announce the relaunch of The Textile Museum Journal. Made possible by generous support from the Markarian Foundation, the Journal will continue its mission to promote high-quality academic research concerning the textiles of Asian, African, and indigenous American cultures.