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CFPs - 2 panels of interest, CAA 2015

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[1] At the Expositions: An Art History of National Displays of Culture, Technology, Design

Victoria L. Rovine, University of Florida and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Please send proposals to: vrovine@ufl.edu  

(For submission instructions please see: http://www.collegeart.org/proposals/2015callforparticipation)

Advanced Search Re: Query - Archnet redesign

Thank you for your comments on the new Archnet. Constructive comments are helpful.  We listen and take them seriously.  In fact this thread was started within a day (if not the very day) of our rolling out the advanced search and other new features that were a response to the real problems users told us they were having with the site.  The advanced search allows users to replicate the lists in the old interface that classified records by building type, materials, location, and other criteria.  Not only can they be replicated, but now they can be made to order, with criteria combined in any manner you choose to conduct more complex inquiries.  

Resource - Florence Shahnama digitized

From:  anna contadini <ac24@soas.ac.uk>
Date:  April 17, 2014

Dear Colleagues,
The extraordinary Shahnama dated 614 H./1217 in the National Library in Florence is now available online. The digitized copy can be accessed at: <http://manoscritti.bncf.firenze.sbn.it/?p=2106>, by clicking the green button "Copia digitalizzata".

All best,

Arab Film Festival Texas - CAMCSI @UNT

The Contemporary Arab and Muslim Cultural Studies Institute at the University of North Texas invites you to the Second Annual Arab Film Festival Texas! The films featured are award-winning films from Palestine, Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria. The program will consist of short films, feature films, and documentaries.