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Announcement - Advanced Arabic MSc at University of Edinburgh re-launched

Dear colleagues,

Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Edinburgh is proud to announce the re-launch of our MSc in Advanced Arabic, which is now open for applications for the 2016-17 academic year. I was hoping that colleagues might be interested in knowing about the programme, with a view to mentioning it to any of your students who might be considering taking their studies in Arabic further.

Query - The "fiqh" or Islamic law of art and museums in Saudi Arabia (or other countries with a classical shari'a law approach)


I'm researching the ethics and limitations of art & museum display in Saudi Arabia and I would like to ask for feedback and (if known) publication recommendations.
Have any of you come across any publications or information so far (or from your own experience) that could inform more specifically about sharia law or the "fiqh" of museums in Saudi Arabia?
Many thanks,
Jody Neal