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Query - Transformation of Smyrna/Izmir during Early Republican era

Dear List
I am currently researching the transformation of the city of Smyrna/Izmir during the Early Republican era in Turkey. Our research looks into the transformation of cultural and artistic representations of the city’s identity before and after the events of 1922. At the moment, I am trying to locate photographic and other visual collections on the city, especially maps from the period. I would be most grateful to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

Announcement / Exhibition - Bath-house of Bayezid II in Istanbul

From: Tim Stanley <tim@wkm.demon.co.uk>
Date: July 28, 2015
The monumental double bath-house of Sultan Bayezid II in Istanbul re-opened to the public on 26 May 2015 after a thorough-going restoration, which began in 2010.
The warm and hot rooms of the two baths have been combined to form a museum of Turkish bath culture, curated by Professor Nurhan Atasoy.

Announcement - Early Bird Tickets Offer Ends Soon (Gingko Library - BIPS conference, Sept 14-16, London)

Gingko Library - British Institute of Persian Studies Conference:
Iran's Constitutional Revolution of 1906 and the Narratives of the Enlightenment
Date: 14 - 16 September
Place: British Academy, London
Co-Conveners: Prof. Ali Ansari (British Institute of Persian Studies)