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Call for Papers: Encyclopedia of U.S. Intelligence

The Encyclopedia of U.S. Intelligence (Taylor & Francis, 2014) is a comprehensive reference work that examines U.S. intelligence practices, agencies, history and education. This work has been designed to be holistic in nature and examines the topic from both applied and academic perspectives. The current content has been published in hard copy, and will be updated periodically with online supplements that will extend the depth and breadth of coverage. 

QUERY: Thoughts on Declassified President's Daily Brief

Dear fellow scholars:

I spent some time last week looking through the newly declassified President's Daily Briefs.  I plan to write a scholarly article about these documents, focussing mostly on politicization, the politics of language/labelling and how we understand authorship. 

However, I thought it might be interesting to have a number of scholars come together to weigh in on what we could learn from these documents.

Is there interest in:

1.  A themed panel on the subject for a scholarly conference like APSA or ISA?

H-Intel in need of editors


As H-Net's Vice-President of Networks, I have been acting as Interim Editor of H-Intel, which lacks editors and an Advisory Board. Without both, H-Intel is in danger of shutting down. I am heartened by the recent flurry of activity here, but it has included some posts that require a level of expertise well beyond my own. H-Intel needs field experts to assume control. I know my way around H-Net--I know nothing of intelligence history and intelligence studies.

CFP: Intelligence and Policy in the United States

Call for Submissions: Intelligence and Policy in the United States

Marines Corps University Journal is a peer-reviewed journal with an audience including policy makers, academics, and military advisors. The editors are looking for papers discussing contemporary issues of intelligence, cyber security, and policy. The journal’s focus goes beyond the Marine Corps, focusing on topics of interest to the international relations and political community.  Junior faculty and advanced graduate students are encouraged to submit.