On July 1, 2015 H-Net Executive Council voted to decommission H-Info, effectively removing it from H-Net. H-Info seemed to serve a valuable function for many when founded in 2006 but has been almost completely inactive since 2008. Rather than attempting to revive a network so long dormant, H-Net Council has decided to direct interested parties to other more active H-Net Networks. These include H-HistBibl, our network for the practice and study of bibliographic and library services, H-DigiRhet with its focus on computer-mediated communication, information, communication technologies, and rhetoric, and H-Digital-History working at the intersection of digital information and history. I encourage you to subscribe to these networks.

H-Info’s resource page is being handed over to the editors of H-HistBibl who have enthusiastically accepted it, along with the task of weeding out “dead” links and integrating it into their own collection of resources.

Questions about H-Info and other H-Net networks can be directed to Patrick Cox, H-Net Vice-President for Networks, at Vp-net@mail.h-net.msu.edu.

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Floridi info

Hello--I am working my way through Luciano Floridi's Philosophy of Information (Oxford 2011). Troubled. Seems to me LF is basically just engaged in a redescription of semantics, in which "information" does little more work than the stone in the soup. Grateful for any feedback. JD Fleming