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INQ: Freemans Road

While conducting some research, I believe for west-central Illinois, I ran across a roadway called Freemans Road. Would like to ask if anyone on H-Illinois knows when this road was originally built and how it came to be called Freemans Road. Several possible thoughts are in mind and does it date to the 1840s or............????

Thank you in advance for all replies and discussion.

Wyatt Reader MA 

Re: Creason on Kohl, 'The Prairie Boys Go to War: The Fifth Illinois Cavalry, 1861-1865'

Just reading this Review of the Prairie Boys 5th. Quite inviting history and well set forth by the Review. Should the volume prove as well, it could be worth considering for further awarness of Illinois contribution to that awful conflict of the 1860s between the North and South. Particularly of note, the passages about political divide between members of the unit, with Northern Illinois management, ie, Republicans serving as officers while Southern Illinois members were Democrats, ie, the labor component.