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Commentating as Philosophy and the Abrahamic Interpreters

Commentating as Philosophy and the Abrahamic Interpreters July 2-5, 2014, Istanbul “Commentating as Philosophy and the Abrahamic Interpreters” is a conference second in a trilogy, entitled, “The Abrahamic Trilogy”. 
The trilogy is about the development and reception of Greek philosophy in the Abrahamic traditions. While the first conference was about Proclus, and his influence, the present conference will focus on the form of philosophy that was dominant until the early modern period.

*Recognition and Socialism*

*Recognition and Socialism*


Workshop at Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany, Juli 18, 2014 on the

occasion of the 65th birthday of Axel Honneth


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It is one of the central claims of Hegel's social philosophy that modern

civil societies –especially as far as markets of goods and labor play a

central role within them – are not only spheres of self-interested,

strategic action, but also of intersubjective recognition. Hegel assumes

that, through their participation in the market, individuals can