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Recent Discussions

CFP: "Focus in Distraction" a German Graduate Conference on Distraction


submissions due December 15, 2015


Focus in Distraction

University of California, Berkeley

February 26–28, 2016

Reading, in an age of digital distractions and mobile devices, is abbreviated and interrupted. In

an era that valorizes attention, coherence, focus, and flow, it is more relevant than ever to consider

CONF: On the Aesthetics of Resistance (Florence, 11-12 Dec 15)

On the Aesthetics of Resistance / Zur Ästhetik des Widerstands
Interdisciplinary Workshop

Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz - Max-Planck-Institut
Palazzo Grifoni Budini Gattai, Via dei Servi 51, 50122 Florence

11 – 12 December 2015

A cooperation of the Minerva Research Group The Nomos of Images. Manifestation and Iconology of Law and the Ulmer Verein – Verband für Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaften e.V. together with the Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte in Paris.