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CALL FOR PAPERS: 4th International Conference on Labor Theory of Value and the Social Sciences

*4th International Conference on Labor Theory of Value and the Social

Thursday 18 – Friday 19 October 2018

University of Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil

Speakers include: Gérard Duménil, Claudio Katz, Raquel Raichelis.

We invite submissions that raise (or answer) questions on Marxian Labor
Theory of Value and its role in Social Sciences.

Papers should address the following topics:

1) Revolutions and Counterrevolutions – a historical balance and
170th anniversary of Communist Manifesto

"Entertainment and Education" in non-academic journals

Dear colleagues,

I am working on intellectual reform movements in Habsburg Bosnia. In the nineteenth century, many journals in the Western Balkans had the slogan "zabava i pouka" - Entertainment and Education/Instruction. It usually meant that the journal would have mostly literary pieces but also philosophical/moralistic articles. I am trying to understand whether this formula and general concept were known in the Ottoman Empire, in Russia, and in the West. I'd be happy for any references (both primary and secondary).

Thank you,

Orel Beilinson
Tel Aviv University

Call for papers/Hagley Fall Conference/Seeing Like a Capitalist: Histories of Commercial Surveilliance in America



Seeing Like a Capitalist:

Histories of Commercial Surveillance in America


A Conference at the Hagley Museum and Library

Wilmington, Delaware, November 8-9, 2018