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Grow and Diversify Your Collection: Criminal Justice

Today we highlight films about the impact of incarceration in communities of color in the United States. 

  • Mass Incarceration and Deportation

  • Detention of Muslim and Arab Immigrants after September 11

  • Political Prisoners in the United States

  • Attica Uprising and the Prisoners’ Rights Movement 

  • Internment of Japanese Americans During WWII




Police Brutality

Today we feature 22 educational documentaries and shorts on police brutality and people organizing against it in New York, Oakland, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, Albany, and Ferguson. 


Pathways for ASEAN Contributions to Sustainable Peace and Security in Rakhine State, Myanmar

With changing dynamics between the Rohingya and Rakhine populations and the Tatmadaw (the armed forces of Myanmar), Rakhine State in Myanmar has been in a state of conflict. Most recently, the clash between the Arakan Army and the Tatmadaw saw open conflict erupt on 25 August 2018. These conflicts have resulted in significant loss of lives, livelihoods, and homes with more than 150,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Rakhine State. Some have been living in camps since 2012, and at least 700,000 others in Cox’s Bazaar, the main refugee settlement in Bangladesh.