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Ann: Reading Pleasure: Summer Program for PhD Students

The attached announcement for a summer program at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul from 23-28 May 2016 may be of interest to some H-HRE members. The program will explore discourses and strategies of reading and pleasure in the Middle Ages. It is open to PhD students of medieval history, linguistics, literature and philology. In addition to working in their research with texts in at least two medieval languages, students will be expected to read English and either French or German. Lectures and seminars will be held in English.

Reading Pleasure

Reading Pleasure: 

Announcement for a Summer School, 23–28 May 2016 at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul. This summer school will explore discourses and strategies of reading and pleasure in the Middle Ages. Applications should be sent before 1st of December 2015 to hogel@sdu.dk. The summer school is open to PhD students of medieval history, linguistics, literature and philology.

CFP: Feast, Fast, and Famine: SMFS at Leeds

Dear Listmembers (and please circulate as you see fit),

Please find below the Call for Papers for the two SMFS-sponsored sessions at the Leeds Medieval Congress, July 4-7, 2016 (theme: Feast, Fast and Famine).

Thanks and best wishes,

Digesting Bynum: (Re)Theorizing the Medieval Feast and Fast in the Twenty-First Century