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Ann: SCRIPTO Summer School Wolfenbuettel and Nuernberg

Einführung in die digitale Handschriftenkatalogisierung / Introduction to the digital cataloguing of manuscripts, SCRIPTO Summer School Wolfenbüttel (SSSW), 12.-16. Juni 2017 // Buchmalerei / Book Illumination, SSSN, 4.-7. April 2017 

SCRIPTO Summer School Wolfenbüttel (SSSW)
Einführung in die digitale Handschriftenkatalogisierung

Ann: Studienforum Berlin Seminar on European Refugee Challenges

H-HRE Members may be interested in the following announcement sent to the list:


Dear Colleagues, 

I would like to draw your attention to a faculty seminar that Studienforum Berlin will hold in June 2017, focusing on the refugee challenges that have occurred in Europe, in Germany in particular, over the last two years and will remain for years to come.

CFP: International Medieval Society Symposium on Evil

For its 14th Annual Symposium, the International Medieval Society invites abstracts on the theme of Evil in the Middle Ages. The concept of evil, and the tensions it reveals about the relationship between internal and external identities, fits well into recent trends in scholarship that have focused attention on medieval bodies, boundaries, and otherness. Medieval bodies frequently blur the distinctions between moral and non-moral evil.