H-Horn aims to facilitate scholarly collaboration and exchanges between professionals interested in the history and culture of the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea region. One of the primary objectives of H-Horn is to reach beyond national, sub-national, religious and ethnic lines and offer all scholars of the Horn a forum in which to address major issues and controversies that have defined, and continue to define, the history of the Horn of Africa, particularly in recent decades.

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Re: Source Query - Philipp Paulitschke

Dear Peri,

Thanks so much for your note. Karen Fung, from Stanford University Libraries, kindly sent me a link to an online and downloadable version of the book. It can be found here.


Thanks also for the info about Paulitschke's papers in Vienna.

All the best,


H-Horn: Some Recent Publications (December 2015)

H-Horn: Some Recent Publications (December 2015)


Paola Bertella Farnetti and Cecilia Dau Novelli (eds.), Colonialism and National Identity (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015).

The volume includes several contributions on Italy, colonialism, and Africa



Nicola Labanca, La Guerra d’Etiopia 1935-1941 (Bologna: Il Mulino, 2015).