H-Horn aims to facilitate scholarly collaboration and exchanges between professionals interested in the history and culture of the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea region. One of the primary objectives of H-Horn is to reach beyond national, sub-national, religious and ethnic lines and offer all scholars of the Horn a forum in which to address major issues and controversies that have defined, and continue to define, the history of the Horn of Africa, particularly in recent decades.

Recent Content

CFP - Decolonising World History

Dear Colleagues,

Colonialism and its impacts have long been the object of academic study that has in recent years increasingly garnered public and political interest. We have witnessed an increasing dynamism around the topic of colonialism that has been keenly felt across in both the academic and political orbits.  

Mosques in Sub-Saharan Africa (Online)

This two-day online course introduces participants to Muslim architecture in Sub-Saharan Africa. Following an introduction on Islamic architecture and mosques, the first session will explore mosques in West Africa, from the Sahara to the tropical forests. The second session will look at the mosques in East Africa, from the Nile valleys to the Swahili coast. This day will be based on Professor Stephane Pradines' extensive knowledge and fieldwork in Egypt, Ethiopia and the Swahili coast.

Live Stream Premiere of "Gabriel's Odyssey" by the Kukutana Ensemble, Cape Town, 30-31 Oct 2021

"Gabriel’s Odyssey"
A Musical Narrative of Slavery, Conversion, Persecution and Resilience from a 16th-Century Indian Ocean World

The Re-Centring AfroAsia Project (University of Cape Town) will be hosting a new major musical performance, "Gabriel’s Odyssey", by the Kukutana Ensemble to be premièred on 30 October 2021 in Cape Town.