H-Horn aims to facilitate scholarly collaboration and exchanges between professionals interested in the history and culture of the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea region. One of the primary objectives of H-Horn is to reach beyond national, sub-national, religious and ethnic lines and offer all scholars of the Horn a forum in which to address major issues and controversies that have defined, and continue to define, the history of the Horn of Africa, particularly in recent decades.

Recent Content

Oral history in Gondar (seminar)

Department of History of Art and Archaeology

School of Oriental and African Studies

University of London

Research Seminars in the Art and Archaeology of Africa and the Americas

                                                                              Convenor: Dr. Tania Tribe (tt10@soas.ac.uk)

“Oral History in Gondar (Ethiopia)”  

Dr. Manuel Joao Ramos (ISCTE-Lisbon )

H-Horn – Some Recent Publications (May 2015)

H-Horn – Some Recent Publications (May 2015)


New issue of Northeast African Studies 15 (1) 2015.

See issue contents here: http://msupress.org/journals/issue/?id=50-21D-5EB


Special issue of EchoGéo no. 31 (janvier 2015/mars 2015).

Issue theme: ‘Glocal Ethiopia’.

See issue contents here: http://echogeo.revues.org/14112