H-Horn aims to facilitate scholarly collaboration and exchanges between professionals interested in the history and culture of the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea region. One of the primary objectives of H-Horn is to reach beyond national, sub-national, religious and ethnic lines and offer all scholars of the Horn a forum in which to address major issues and controversies that have defined, and continue to define, the history of the Horn of Africa, particularly in recent decades.

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ANN: Visiting Scholar Positions at the University of Macerata

Within the framework of its internationalization policies, the University of Macerata is glad to offer 20 positions of Visiting Scholar for the Academic Year 2016-2017. The main objective is to develop an international network of scholars, carefully selected according to international criteria, in order to favour meetings and exchanges between the international research community and the University of Macerata. The name of the project, “Collegio Matteo Ricci”, tries exactly to express its collective and cosmopolitan nature.

Linguistic and Cultural Areas of Transition in Africa - Conference Announcement

(From Gianni DORE, Ethnorêma)


Linguistic and Cultural Areas of Transition in Africa

ATrA - The Conference




The ATrA Conference on linguistic, anthropological, archaeological, historical and philological issues related to areas or times in Africa characterized by phenomena of transition will be taking place in Trieste (Italy) on May 24-26, 2016.