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CONFERENCE: The Holocaust and its Aftermath from the Family Perspective - March 2017, Prague

The conference, The Holocaust and its Aftermath from the Family Perspective, will take place from 14-16 March 2017 in Prague. It is free and open to the public. For more information see: http://www.jewishhistory.usd.cas.cz/conferences/the-holocaust-and-its-aftermath-from-the-f....

New Issue of Journal Judaica et Holocaustica 7: Women and WWII

The editors of the annual Journal Judaica et Holocaustica, E. Nižňanský and D. Nešťáková, are delighted to present a new issue with the topic ‘Women and WWII’.

The main goal of the yearbook is to present original studies and papers that represent new research for understanding the topic.