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WORKSHOP: Buried Words A Workshop on Sexuality, Violence and Holocaust Testimonies

Buried Words: 

A Workshop on Sexuality, Violence and Holocaust Testimonies

October 11, 2018

Toronto, Canada

An academic workshop presented by the Azrieli Foundation’s Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program with the support of Sara Horowitz of York University and Anna Shternshis of the University of Toronto

The one-day workshop will include three sessions:

Session 1: Sexuality and violence in testimonies by girls and women

Re: SCREENING: Auschwitz by Marek Haltof

What an important contribution about a film that is still unknown to far too many scholars from many disciplines.

My question: Is it still the case that the only available prints are in such poor condition? I have screened parts of the film for students, but the only version I found for sale is really inadequate, to say the least.

DENIALS OF THE HOLOCAUST by bona fide academicians

The following story has been published "A New Twist for Academic Holocaust Distorters" in Israel National News


It has also appeared in French in France under the title "Les faussaires de la Shoah dans l’université"