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Re: Recent Publications about Oscar Groening

It is possibly a little too early to read the documents belonging to the recent Groening investigation and trial at Bundesarchiv Ludwigsburg.

At the earlier "Auschwitz Trial" held in Frankfurt/Main from 1965 that involved Mulka and Boger and 17 others, the documentation from this trial maybe more informative for you. Because this was the first major trial of Auschwitz personnel in West Germany a great deal of material was generated to explain the functions of the individual defendants, and how the camp functioned administratively.

Recent Publications about Oscar Groening

Dear colleagues,

I am looking for some tips, articles (published on academic journals), chapters of books or essays about the case of Oscar Groening. 

I am looking especially for the administrative part of his work and the issue behind the penal side of administrative work.

If somebody can suffest me something to study it will be very appriciate.


Thank you so much


Anna Veronica Pobbe

PhD-Candidate University of Trento