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IN THE NEWS: World's oldest Holocaust Survivor stars in Oscar nominated film

World's oldest Holocaust survivor stars in Oscar-nominated film

By JTA February 16, 2014

The Jerusalem Post

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LOS ANGELES — In her 110 years, Alice Herz-Sommer has been an accomplished concert pianist and teacher, a wife and mother — and a prisoner in Theresienstadt.

Where has hdot.org (Lipstadt/Irving trial website) gone?


The very good website http://www.hdot.org (Holocaust denial on Trial, once http://www.holocaustdenialontrial.org/) that contains all the Lipstadt/Irving trial documents has been unreachable for several days, if not weeks. 

Can anyone on the list either provide information about this or get in touch either Deborah Lipstadt or the Emory University, which hosted the website, about this issue? I did send her an email, but to no avail.