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Re: Statistical analysis of old data

Thank you for replying to my query.

I am much in need of some direction in utilizing available software for these projects. To start with, are you familiar with Kaplan-Meier analysis, regression curves and odds risk ratios? These are often used in clinical work and I would like to find resources and programs to utilize such methods. To be frank, I am not as well versed in preparing statistical data, but understand the results after many years in clinical medicine. Perhaps we can write or have a phone conversation at some point. I've included my contacts below.

Gabe Mayer

Oscar-nominated Film on Alice

I had the chance to see the film in Montreal a few weeks ago.  There is no question that Alice is an inspired and inspiring person, as well as endearing in a range of ways.  Also true that she makes Viktor Frankl look like a pessimist about the possibilities of before, during, and after.