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ROTH INSTITUTE, TAU - "The Jews of Europe and the Second World War", a Workshop with Prof. Omer Bartov


We would like to invite you to a workshop with Prof. Omer Bartov:

"The Jews of Europe and the Second World War"

The workshop will be held on Sunday, May 25th, 2014,

between 10:00 and 18:30.

at the Gilman Building, Hall 496, Tel-Aviv University.


for more information please see:

TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY ROTH INSTITUTE: Invitation to submit applications


The Lester and Sally Entin Faculty of Humanities

The Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism

Invite MA and PhD students and postdoctoral scholars at TAU to submit applications to:

The Roth Institute Research Group on Antisemitism and Racism 2014-2015

The group will serve as a forum for research students (MA, PhD), post-doctoral scholars and faculty at Tel Aviv University whose research addresses various spects of racism and antisemitism in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Materials of Culture & Holocaust

We are preparing research on trending concepts for curating Holocaust materials. Specifically interested in artifacts: acquisition, curation, special exhibitions, athenticity and morality.

Collecting some data and would like to hear back from institutional members  working in museums and academic centers. Of special interest would be mission statements which are reflective of how the Holocaust is treated in your institution, what are the concepts of memory and concerns with authenticity.

Please respond by email, or here.

Gabriel Mayer

Re: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Holocaust Remembrance Day speech

As an Oleh Hadash [new immigrant to Israel] (July 2013), son and brother of survivors, native of Transylvania -- escaping Communism as a child and immigrating to US with the assistance of HIAS -- and now a part of the Holocaust studies program at University of Haifa, I feel like the most ardent Zionist on the planet. The PM's speech gave me "goose bumps" but also made my skin crawl. The near exclusive contextualization of the Holocaust for the sake of an inclusive narrativization of national politics went well beyond remembrance.