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Query: Teaching the Holocaust and Current Events

Dear Colleagues:

This is an open-ended query about the impact of contemporary events on our work in research, programming, and teaching about the Holocaust.  The core question:   Have you experienced, in your own institutional context, a different response to the Holocaust as a topic that is, or seems to be, related to developments in Israel/Gaza?  Do you see this among your colleagues? Your students? Your university or other institution generally? What has happened?

Re: New Book Evaluates the Pre-Holocaust Italian Race Laws (1938-1943)

Hi Michael,

I do a lot of research on antisemitism in Fascist Italy. I read your book a couple months ago and took some notes, and I'd be happy to discuss it either privately or via the list. I have some criticisms (I am a historian, not a legal scholar) but mostly appreciated your analysis, and I basically share your general assessment of the 1938-43 period. I would also be interested in a larger conversation about 'pre-Holocaust' dynamics in other parts of Axis Europe. Best,

Peter Staudenmaier