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JULY 23 1942: Treblinka extermination camp officially opened

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Part of Operation Reinhard, located northeast of Warsaw, and operating from July 23, 1942 until October 19, 1943, between 800,000 to 1,200,000 Jews and 2,000 Romani died in the gas chambers of Treblinka II. 

In Treblinka I, a forced labor camp with a  forest, gravel pit, and irrigation facility, housing 20,000 inmates, over half of them died from hunger, disease, mistreatment, and summary executions.

CALL FOR PAPERS: Transnational Holocaust Memory

An international conference on Transnational Holocaust Memory will take place on 26-27 January 2015 at the University of Leeds, to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day. Recognizing that Holocaust ‘memory’ (in the broadest sense) is increasingly shaped by transnational forces such as mass migration, global travel and tourism, economic globalization, digital media and the internet, this conference will explore the future of Holocaust memory in shifting international contexts.

Confirmed keynote speakers include:

‘Refugees and Migrants: Unaccompanied Children in Britain 1914-2014’

The University of Southampton’s Parkes Institute and the Centre for German-Jewish Studies at the University of Sussex announce an interdisciplinary and international conference on unaccompanied child migration both in and out of the UK over the past century. The conference will be held 17-18 July 2014 at The University of Southampton, Highfield Campus, Building 44.  Registration for the two days is £20 payable at the door, and includes refreshments and lunch on Friday. All interested are invited and encouraged to attend.

the uprising in the Gypsy camp at Birkenau (16th May 1944) - looking for first person testimony

I am looking for records of first person testimony from witnesses to the uprising in the Gypsy camp at Birkenau (16th May 1944) and/or the liquidation of the camp on the night of 2-3rd August 1944.

Does anyone know if any testimony exists? And if so, where I could access it?

The only references I can find are brief factual accounts (dates, numbers of people involved), but I am particularly interested in first person accounts.

Many thanks,

Roz Mortimer
MA Visual Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London