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Re: Lipstadt: "Why Jews are Worried"

Shortly before his death, Dr. King had the moral courage to confront the burgeoning Jew hatred of both extreme left wing Black organizations, including the Black Panthers and the radicalized Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee, as well as the Black Muslims. For example, during a 1968 appearance at Harvard University, he stated bluntly:

current antisemitism

Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful posts on this issue.

While we should be alert to antisemitism I think it is also important for us, as Holocaust scholars, to be alert to questionable uses of  the Holocaust to further political aims.   These are especially common when there are heated political issues as in the recent past.   I refer to only to the Middle East but also to domestic issues where Holocaust references are frequently used to make political points, but often at the cost of historical accuracy and (at times) decency.