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International Workshop "Jewish Commercial Cultures in Global Perspective", October 11-12, Indiana University, Bloomington

Dear friends and colleagues,
The Borns Jewish Studies Program at Indiana University, Bloomington and the Modern Greek Studies Initiative at the University of Illinois at Chicago have organized the international workshop “Jewish Commercial Cultures in Global Perspective.” It features new work on Sephardic and Mediterranean Jewries and commerce and brings together the fields of Jewish, Mediterranean and Global History.

The workshop aims to introdu

EXCERPT: Studies in Antisemitism, Alvin H. Rosenfeld, editor, Indiana University Press, Bloomington & Indianapolis


European Muslim Antisemitism: Why Young Urban Males Say They Don't Like Jews, Günther Jikeli, Indiana University Press, Bloomington IL

© 2015 Günther Jikeli

Under the subheading: The Topos of Jews Taking Revenge for the Holocaust on the Palestinians, Page 196

Performative practices of Holocaust comemmoration

Hi, I am researching the uses of ‘performativity’ in Holocaust memorialization. I seek to examine case studies of audience-participatory projects (e.g. artworks, new media, museum exhibitions, performances) which commemorate the World War II and the victims of the Holocaust.

Projects of interest for this study:

- ask participants to perform symbolic rituals and gestures of commemoration; or to contribute with written or oral responses

- present the audiences with an immersive and interactive environment

- re-enact moments from history through  performance