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I do not read Russian and am wanting to see what Iskra was like. Does anybody know of a good book on the topic? I'm interested in the prerevolutionary period.


Dick J. Reavis

Research Assistance Sought

I am in need of research assistance from someone either in the New York City area or planning a visit soon.  The Tamiment Archive at NYU has a collection of Bill Dunne's photographs that I would like to use as illustrations for an article I am writing.  I will pay to have the collection scaned or photographed and the images sent to me along with full citations so I can request publication quality copies from the Tamiment.  Please contact me off list at vpedersen@aus.edu for information on payment and details on the photo collection.

Smith Act Defendants and HUAC guide

Does anyone know where I can find a complete list of all of the individuals prosecuted under the Smith Act?  I am primarily interested in the "second strig" regional defendants in particualr "Paddy" King a Party leader from Montana. 

When I was a graduate student in the pre-internet age I remember using a hard copy index to the HUAC hearings published by the Congressional Publishing Office, the same office that published the hard copies of the HUAC hearing themseleves.  Does anyone know if this guide has been digatized?  If so where in the virtual universe might it be found?