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Re: CPUSA loss of membership after the Nazi-Soviet Pact

The relevant documents are: Nat Ross, “Organisational Status and Organisational Problems of the CPUSA, 27 August 1939, RTsKhIDNI 515-1-4083; “Report of J.W.” [John Williamson, CPUSA organizational secretary], 27 May 1941, RTsKhIDNI 515-1-4209; T. Ryan [Eugene Dennis], “The Organizational Position of the CPUSA,” 1 April 1941, RTsKhIDNI 515-1-4091. Dennis in his 1941 report put the January 1939 registered membership at 65,000 rather than the 66,000 Ross reported in 1939.

John Earl Haynes

Re: CPUSA loss of membership after the Nazi-Soviet Pact

Thank you, John Haynes, for redacting my name from Jeffrey Burd's comment on my essay on American Communism that "Curiously, [redacted] made no mention of the August 1939 German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact, when more than three quarters of American Communists (including most Jews) would abruptly resign from the Communist Party.” Apart from the reviewer's significant inflation of CP defections in the wake of the Nazi-Soviet Pact that John rightly corrects, what I find "curious" is Burd's remark that I made "no mention" of the Pact. In fact three paragraphs are included (pp. 646-7):

TOC American Communist History Volume 17, 3-4

Table of Contents
American Communist History
Volume 17, 3-4

Dan Leab—An Appreciation
by James G. Ryan

Reproductive Sovereignty in Soviet and American Socialism during the Great Depression
by Denise Lynn

Charles White: The Art and Politics of Humanism, 1947–195
by John P. Murphy

Sex, Communism and the Spanish Civil War: The Diaries of Stanley Postek
by Vernon L. Pedersen