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Call for Application: Linking Art Worlds travelling seminar series

Linking Art Worlds:

American Art and Eastern Europe from the Cold War to the Present


Traveling research seminars 2022—2024

Application deadline: February 4, 2022


The Leibniz-Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe (GWZO), with joint support from the Terra Foundation for American Art and the Getty Foundation through its Connecting Art Histories initiative, is launching a new series of traveling research seminars to explore relationships between the U.S. and East-Central European art scenes after 1945.

Re: H-Diplo Article Review "Framing William Albertson"

As usual, Drs. Haynes and Klehr have made a very significant contribution to our scholarship and our understanding of the CPUSA and the FBI's counter-intelligence activities. For those who might be interested, the FBI HQ main file on William Albertson (2552 pages, of HQ 65-38100) is available online here: