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Re: Karl Heinrich Ulrichs and the early sexologists

Thanks all! Ross, I have printed off your article!

Pieter, Ulrichs wrote to quite a number of leading forensic psychiatrists of his day and ended up having a correspondence with Krafft-Ebing over several decades (though we only know of that because Krafft-Ebing refers to it in a letter and is quoted by Ulrichs). He was a bit of a monomaniac though may have tried to involve others. By "other then gay activists" I presume you mean Kertbeny? Or did you mean people other THAN gay activists? I'd be interested though in your chapter.

CFP: Histories of Sex and Sexuality in Central and Eastern Europe

What roles do sex and sexuality play in Central and Eastern European history? What effect did the region’s tumultuous history have on sexual identities, desires, and practices? How do Central and Eastern European conceptions and practices of sexuality differ from “Western” mythologies of its sexualities?