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Re: history of 'french kissing'

Una hi,

For a bit more information on the history of kissing, "French" and otherwise, you might consult my book Edward Shorter, Written in the Flesh: A History of Desire (University of Toronto Press, 2005), where the index will steer you to several entries for kissing. Good luck with your project!


history of 'french kissing'

Dear list members,

I've been asked to write a short online magazine article on the history of 'french kissing' as a term, and how it links to the idea of the French, and the French court in particular, as especially linked (at least in Anglo minds) with lasciviousness and general sexual daring. The last bit I can do, but if there is a study of french kissing or kissing in general that is particularly good I'd like to at least be able to cite it. Any suggestions?


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CfP: Race, Sex, and Reproduction in the Global South, c.1800-2000

Race, Sex, and Reproduction in the Global South, c.1800-2000


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Race and Ethnicity in the Global South and the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science (The University of Sydney), 18 April 2017


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