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Discussion about the geographical history of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Dear H-HistGeog members,

Those of you interested in the geographical history of the Mediterranean may be enjoy reading a couple of new papers. 

Recently the writing system of a Medieval manuscript was revealed to be proto-Romance: i.e. the ancestor to Spanish and the other modern Romance languages. In addition, it is written with a proto-Italic alphabet. It is the only known document of this kind and therefore has considerable linguistic and historic importance.

Twenty-Fifth series of J B Harley Fellowships in the History of Cartography

The Trustees of the J B Harley Research Fellowships Trust Fund are pleased to announce the twenty-fifth series of awards, offering support to assist research in the map collections of the United Kingdom. Awards have been made to: Phillip Koyoumjian (University of Rochester, USA), A geographer's world: Herman Moll and the British map trade, 1678-1732. Danielle Gravon (University of Manchester], The fabrica of Mercator's Atlas and the anatomy of the world. Ken Bauer (Dartmouth College, USA), Exploring Tibetan cartography through the Wise Collection, British Library.

CFA: American Geographical Society Library Fellowships

The AGS Library fellowship programs were created to give scholars from this country and abroad an opportunity to pursue their work in proximity to a distinguished collection of primary sources. Approximately 4-8 fellowships are awarded each year for periods of time usually ranging from two to four weeks.