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What We Know and What They Know: Scholarly Communication, Usability, and Un-Usability

Dylan Burns (Utah State University) considers the usability of library collections and what librarians should do in light of students and faculty use of SciHub:

"We as librarians shouldn’t  “teach” our patrons to adapt to our obtuse and oftentimes difficult systems but libraries should adapt to the needs of our patrons."

Cengage new e-textbook subscription service

Reactions to Cengage's recent announcement which introduced a "Netflix-like subscription service" giving students access to Cengage e-textbooks for one set price, regardless of which and how many materials they use:

Lindsay McKenzie, "A Cengage Buffet," Inside Higher Ed, December 5, 2017, https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2017/12/05/cengage-announces-unlimited-digital-subscri...