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1,600 Rare Color Photographs Depict Life in the U.S During the Great Depression & World War II

Josh Jones writes about "Walker Evans and James Agee’s extraordinary work of literary photojournalism, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men," and the Library of Congress's online collection of Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Color Photographs.

5,000+ Photographs by Minor White, One of the 20th Century’s Most Important Photographers, Now Digitized and Available Online

Princeton University recently made available the Minor White Archive online.

White was "one of the most important photographic artists of the twentieth century" and the online archive has over 26,000 digitized items.

The Significance of the Twitter Archive at the Library of Congress

Dan Cohen, Vice Provost for Information Collaboration, Dean of the Libraries, and Professor of History at Northeastern University, reacts to the news that the Library of Congress will stop archiving all tweets:

The Significance of the Twitter Archive at the Library of Congress, Dan Cohen's blog, December 29, 2017, http://www.dancohen.org/2017/12/29/the-significance-of-the-twitter-archive-at-the-library-...

Historical artifacts organized into digital catalogue by U of T researchers

"Historical scientific instruments and artifacts stored at the University of Toronto are coming to light in an ever-growing digital catalogue that includes objects such as an EEG machine."

Source: Tamar Harris, Thestar.com, December 27, 2017, https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2017/12/27/historical-artifacts-organized-into-digital-ca...

Chateau of Versailles digital archives and 3d modeling project

The VERSPERA research project, Digitisation and modelling of the plans relating to Versailles under the Ancien Régime, "aims to make the plans of the Versailles Estate under the Ancien Régime available to the public and to restore some of the missing parts through3D modelling."