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Jisc and CNI leaders conference 2018: The changing role for libraries in the context of the research university

Slides of presentations at the Jisc and Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)'s  12th biannual conference are now available online. The conference on "The changing role for libraries in the context of the research university" took place on July 2, 2018. Presentations included:

The Public Archive: Woven Into History

"Millions of tweets and millions of state documents. Intimate oral histories and international radio addresses. Ancient pottery and yesterday’s memes. Historians have access to this immense store of online material for doing research, but what else can we do with it? In Spring 2018, graduate students in the Public and Digital History Seminar at UT Austin experimented with ways to make interesting archival materials available and useful to the public; to anyone with access to a computer."

Digital Mappa

Digital Mappa is “Digital Humanities workspaces, editions, scholarship, collaboration & publications for the rest of us,” " a freely available online environment for creating projects out of digital images and texts."

"Within DM, if you can point, click, drag, copy, paste and type, you basically have the technological ability to produce your own sophisticated digital scholarship, editions and projects."