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Imaging the first printed edition of Euclid’s Elements

Adam Gibson writes about an interesting project involving modern imaging methods and early printing innovations:

"Some time ago, Tabitha Tuckett in UCL Special Collections and I had a stimulating chat which sparked a handful of potentially intriguing projects. Today’s was to see whether we could find any interesting features associated with the printed diagrams in the margins of the first printed edition of Euclid’s Elements.

Euclid wrote the Elements in about 300BC and it effectively defined mathematics for the next two thousand years...

Knowledge Unlatched Research releases report on Open Access ebook usage

KU Research (Knowledge Unlatched) has released a study of Open Access ebook usage on JSTOR.

"Among the findings are that the JSTOR platform accounts for the largest number of referrals to the Open Access ebooks; 34.1% of readers are already on the platform when they access the OA books. Institutions located in the Global South are relatively high users of OA books made available via the JSTOR platform when compared to institutions located in the US, UK, and Western Europe."

1,600 Rare Color Photographs Depict Life in the U.S During the Great Depression & World War II

Josh Jones writes about "Walker Evans and James Agee’s extraordinary work of literary photojournalism, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men," and the Library of Congress's online collection of Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Color Photographs.