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H-REVIEW Digest - 3 Apr 2014 to 6 Apr 2014

Kyle Conway, Timothy Pasch, eds.  Beyond the Border: Tensions across
the Forty-Ninth Parallel in the Great Plains and Prairies.  Montreal
McGill-Queen's University Press, 2013.  xi + 250 pp.  $100.00
(cloth), ISBN 978-0-7735-4130-6; $29.95 (paper), ISBN

Reviewed by Geoffrey Hale (University of Lethbridge)
Published on H-Diplo (April, 2014)
Commissioned by Seth Offenbach

Beyond Citation project

Eileen Clancy writes about the Beyond Citation project:

"Despite the ubiquity of databases, academics are often unaware of the constraints that databases place on their research. Lack of information about the impact of database structures and content on research is an obstacle to scholarly inquiry because it means that scholars may not be aware of and cannot account for how databases affect their interpretations of search results or text analysis....

H-REVIEW Digest - 1 Apr 2014 to 2 Apr 2014

Review of:

1. H-Net Review Publication:  Hall on Di Stefano, 'Encounters in Avalanche
     Country: A History of Survival in the Mountain West, 1820-1920'
  2. H-Net Review Publication:  Flack on Miller, 'The Nature of the Beasts:
     Empire and Exhibition at the Tokyo Imperial Zoo'


Diana L. Di Stefano.  Encounters in Avalanche Country: A History of
Survival in the Mountain West, 1820-1920.  Seattle  University of
Washington Press, 2013.  Illustrations. 192 pp.  $34.95 (cloth), ISBN