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College Students Prefer Print for Long-form Reading, Ebooks for Research

Most college students prefer to read print books for pleasure, but when they are conducting research, almost two-thirds now prefer ebooks or express no format preference, according to the 2018 Academic Student Ebook Experience Survey, conducted by LJ’s research department and sponsored by EBSCO.

Presidential library publishes digital archive of papers from Lincoln’s first 33 years

"The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library announced ... that it is publishing “the most complete documentary collection ever produced” of the sixteenth president’s first 33 years.

The digital collection covers much of Lincoln’s early years in Springfield, including the establishment of his law office and his four terms in the Illinois General Assembly."

New Book - History Is a Contemporary Literature: Manifesto for the Social Sciences

Your network editor has reposted this from The H-Net Book Channel. The byline reflects the original authorship.

Author: Ivan Jablonka, Nathan Bracher, Ivan Jablonka
Title: History Is a Contemporary Literature: Manifesto for the Social Sciences
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Publication Date: 5/15/2018

Moving to the Mainstream

A good synthesis of the state of open peer review:

Rebecca Pool asks: "was 2017 the year that scholarly publishing let in open peer review?" The article features comments by Andrew Preston, co-founder and chief executive of peer review service provider, Publons.

Source: Rebecca Pool, "Moving to the Mainstream," Research Information, February-March, 2018, https://www.researchinformation.info/feature/moving-mainstream  (free account required)

The Post-Coding Generation?

Dan Cohen reflects on the new generation's approach to coding:

"I would characterize the general interest of my kids’ generation in coding as being lukewarm. They get it, they see the power of programming, and yet they are much more interested in the creativity that can occur on top of the technical stack."

Source: Dan Cohen, "The Post-Coding Generation?" Dan Cohen Blog, March 28, 2018, https://dancohen.org/2018/03/28/the-post-coding-generation/amp/