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KITAB " provides a digital tool-box and a forum for discussions about Arabic texts. We wish to empower users to explore Arabic texts in completely new ways and to expand the frontiers of knowledge about one of the world’s largest and most complex textual traditions.

How today’s students find and use reference sources

A new multinational survey, carried out by Oxford University Press, indicates  that 75% of university students surveyed rely on library-acquired reference content in their studies, in addition to using freely available resources. That figure increases to 92% among students surveyed in the US and UK.

Source: No Shelf Required, April 19, 2018, http://www.noshelfrequired.com/how-todays-students-find-and-use-reference-sources/

Are Historians Still Ambivalent About Getting Published Online?

A 2015 survey by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences has found that three-quarters of historians have never published their work online and prefer print, citing lack of scholarly recognition and prestige for digital publications.

Source: Robert Townsend, History News Network, April 29. 2018, https://historynewsnetwork.org/article/168871