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Digital Collections - HASTAC Scholars Forum

HASTAC Scholars (Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) has a new forum on Digital Collections where faculty, librarians, archivists and other information or cultural heritage professionals can discuss the future of digital collections.

"Some of the questions we would be interested in discussing in this forum include:

I’m feeling lucky: Can algorithms better engineer serendipity in research — or in journalism?

Let’s say you have a research topic, and maybe even an angle. You dive in by reading the canonical classics, all of which seem to cite one other, and maybe some of the most recent debates. Now what? Or perhaps you’ve been studying the same topic for years and feel stuck. How can you find a fresh take on a stale debate?... In other words, the filter bubble affects history scholars as much as casual news browsers — and scholars’ careers often depend on unearthing something rare and different.