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Colonial History in the Age of Digital Humanities

Robert Englebert discusses his research on the 18th century fur trade and socio-economic history, and identifies ways technology can drive analysis, "opening new questions and ways of examining the past."

Source: Robert Englebert, "Colonial History in the Age of Digital Humanities," Borealia, January 12, 2016, http://earlycanadianhistory.ca/2016/01/12/colonial-history-in-the-age-of-digital-humanities/

New Digital History Portal for Washington, DC

Discover DC History Digital Collections currently contains approximately 900 items from the public collections of the Historical Society of Washington, D.C. The current site was made possible with the support of a City Fund grant to initiate the digitization of the Society's vast collections and make them available in a meaningful, appealing way to the general public.