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Recent Content

Brooklyn Library Digitizes Thousands of Historic Newspaper Articles

"In a move sure to get history-loving hearts racing, Brooklyn Collection at Brooklyn Public Library is making more than 40 borough-specific newspapers available for online hunting.

Their digital archive of Brooklyn Daily Eagle articles is already an essential tool in borough research and the latest project adds thousands more newspaper pages for history buffs to hunt through."

Digital Public Humanities Panel

On March 21, the NULab and Humanities Center co-sponsored a panel, “Digital Public Humanities,"  featuring presentations by four scholars who work in the digital public humanities.  They "explored the public impact of digital projects, asking what digital public humanities methods are and can be used for, who benefits from this work, and where to locate the experiential and political in digital public humanities."

Using Voyant Tools in the Undergraduate Research Classroom

Heather Froehlich,  Literary Informatics Librarian at Penn State University, writes about an undergraduate research course on Early Modern Recipes that involves transcription and linguistic analysis, using Voyant.

Source: Heather Froehlich blog, April 22, 2019, https://hfroehli.ch/2019/04/22/using-voyant-tools-in-the-undergraduate-research-classroom/

When a Presidential Library Is Digital

Dan Cohen, Vice Provost, Dean, and Professor at Northeastern University, writes about President Obama's future all-digital library:

"The vast majority of the record his presidency left behind consists not of evocative handwritten notes, printed cable transmissions, and black-and-white photographs, but email, Word docs, and JPEGs. The question now is how to leverage its digital nature to make it maximally useful and used."