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Students as Researchers: The Faculty Role, by Guest Blogger, William Badke

William Badke, author of Research Strategies: Finding your Way through the Information Fog, 5th ed., wrote a guest post on tthe Computer Savviness blog (August 23, 2015), about  students' research skills and collaboration between faculty and librarians.

American Revolution Exhibition and Portal Database Hosted by the Boston Public Library’s Leventhal Map Center

American Revolution Portal Database

Scholars can now access revolutionary-era maps from leading cartographic collections around the world with one search. The American Revolution Portal features maps from the French and Indian War (1754-1763) to the early days of the new republic. The collection focuses on maps of European colonies in North America and the Atlantic world. Users can download them for research or classroom use.

The Kissinger Telcons: New Documents Throw Light on Sensitive Ford and Kissinger Views

The National Security Archive, a private sector advocacy group, has posted some records created by Henry Kissinger when he was National Security Advisor and Secretary of State. 

The National Security Archive obtained these as a result of a recent court order in a FOIA case. 

Topics include Vietnam; detente with the Soviet Union; the Mideast; relations with Israel, etc. 

The Historian's Altmetrics: How Can We Measure the Impact of People in the Past

How can historians measure the influence of intellectual contribution over time? Scraping from online catalogs and employing a range of digital humanities tools, Michelle Moravec looks at women’s liberation scholarship and explores the relationships between authors and essays.