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Paper or Tablet? Reading Recall and Comprehension

What effect do digital devices have on our digital brains? To uncover the influence on learning of using digital tablets for reading, the Coast Guard Leadership Development Center conducted an experiment to ascertain differences in recall and comprehension between tablet and paper readers.

Source: Anne Niccoli, EduCause Review, September 28, 2015, http://er.educause.edu/articles/2015/9/paper-or-tablet-reading-recall-and-comprehension

New Digital Archive at University of Utah Examines the Complicated and Multi-Dimensional Sides of Suicide

Margaret Pabst Battin, distinguished professor of philosophy and medical ethics at the University of Utah, has spent almost 40 years researching, collecting and organizing historical sources on suicide, examining every side of these issues. Her new book, “The Ethics of Suicide: Historical Sources,” published by the Oxford University Press with an accompanying digital archive hosted by the University of Utah’s J.