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Recent Content

Mapping American Social Movements

A collaborative project at the University of Washington, Mapping American Social Movements, "features maps and other visualizations showing the chronological geography of dozens of social movements that have influenced American life and politics during the 20th century, including radical movements, labor movements, women's movements, many different civil rights movements, environmentalist movements, and more...

ROUND-UP: Neoliberal Tools (and Archives): A Political History of Digital Humanities (and Responses)

Daniel Allington (University of the West of England), Sarah Brouillette (Carleton University) and David Golumbia (Virginia Commonwealth University) published “Neoliberal Tools (and Archives): A Political History of Digital Humanities” in the Los Angeles Review of Books, arguing that the digital humanities have “played a leading role in the corporatist restructuring of the humanities.”

A New Way to Map the Spread and Decline of Slavery in the U.S.

The historian and cartographer Bill Rankin visualizes the practice with a fresh approach... Rankin’s new maps provide snapshots of U.S. slave populations from 1790 to 1870 in 10-year intervals. But his methodology is a departure from that of previous cartographers in that it doesn’t take counties as the smallest units of analysis.