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Databases of Book Inventories?

I am working on a project involving 4 book inventories that I have digitized and would like to know if there are any cooperative databases where such datasets can be deposited for other scholars to use in the future. My particular area of research is 17th century France, but would be interested in learning about any such repositories.

Edward J. Shephard Jr.

Director of Collections

Binghamton University Libraries

P.O. Box 6012

Across the Great Divide: Findings and Possibilities for Action from the 2016 Summit Meeting of Academic Libraries and University Presses with Administrative Relationships (P2L)

23 university presses that are part of, or report directly to, university libraries met to discuss the benefits and challenges of that arrangement during the P2L Summit and just released a white paper containing recommendations on how to libraries and university presses could collaborate:

Professional Digital Marketing for Academic Self-publishing? Strategies, Tactics, and Questions

Mark W. Shealy writes that the "current producing of texts through nonhierarchical means presages radically different definitions of academic books and articles... Hands-on practice such as academic search engine optimization (ASEO) to prepare scholarly articles for academic search engines and Google Scholar is a step in the direction of academic self-marketing....However, given these new academic formats and sources, a rethinking of the full range of strategies and tactics by which scholarship may be marketed seems reasonable.