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Re: Research: How Do You Take Notes? How Do You Organize Them?

When I was in grad school in the early 80s (1980s, that is ), only one of my instructors -- David Lovejoy, a scholar of colonial America -- actually brought his research notes to class to show us how he organized his sources (4x6 cards).  When "microcomputers" appeared on the market, I still gathered materials on note cards and typed into a word processor.  While working as an editorial assistant at the Documentary History

Free Ebook Foundation to promote access and preservation of knowledge, literature, and culture.

Two projects that have been building towards a sustainable ecosystem for free ebooks have joined together in a new non-profit corporation. The Free Ebook Foundation envisions a world where ebooks will be funded, distributed and maintained for the benefit of all, by coordinating the efforts and resources of many.

Internet Resources for Keeping Up with History Updated

Internet Resources for Keeping Up with History has been updated.  From its introduction:

"Become familiar with its contents and you’ll be informed about many of the issues and methodologies that impact contemporary professional history.  Hopefully, you’ll find resources you’ll return to regularly for enjoyment and to enhance and facilitate your teaching and research. I recommend that you browse through the entire guide at least once."

Find it at on our homepage under H-HistBibl Resources: http://networks.h-net.org/h-histbibl