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iPhone Archival Digitization

Last year, I won a grant with designer Matt Wizinsky (University of Cincinnati) to streamline and document a process in which a researcher with an iPhone, a Macbook, and a modified tripod can digitize archival documents as quickly as turning the page.   This setup greatly reduces the repetitive stresss associated with high-volume digitization.   In one very long day at National Archives, I was able to digtize 4200 documents using this workflow.

Teaching the Art of Reviewing

Posted again to appear in The H-Net Book Channel. A quick scan of the Web discovered the following; perhaps they complement the excellent Art of the Review podcasts http://networks.h-net.org/node/84048/pages/88574/the-art-of-the-review .  If you have others to offer, please send them along.

How to Write a History Book Review – University of Iowa

Colonial History in the Age of Digital Humanities

Robert Englebert discusses his research on the 18th century fur trade and socio-economic history, and identifies ways technology can drive analysis, "opening new questions and ways of examining the past."

Source: Robert Englebert, "Colonial History in the Age of Digital Humanities," Borealia, January 12, 2016, http://earlycanadianhistory.ca/2016/01/12/colonial-history-in-the-age-of-digital-humanities/